As part of the project “Insertion of Small Farmers into Technology-enabled, Rapid-response Fresh Food Supply Chains” a two day workshop was hosted on 11/18/2019 and 11/19/2019. presentations, summary notes, and video recordings from each workshop can be found below.


Title: Project Vision                                       Presenter: Rene Villalobos          Link: Introduction-of-the-workshop.pptx

Title: Supply Side Workshop                         Presenter: Omar Valenzuela       Link: Supply-side-workshop_Final_web

Title: Market Intelligence Workshop              Presenter: Hector Flores             Link: MarketIntelligence.pptx

Title: Automated Platforms                            Presenter: Hector Flores             Link: Automated-Platforms.pptx

Title: Introduction to Case Study                   Presenter: Omar Valenzuela       Link: Case-Study_-Intro-2

Title: Visualization                                         Presenter: Dr. Runger                 Link: Visualizations

Title: Models                                                 Presenter: Sarbith Aguilar            Link: Models-Rodrigo

Title: Model Inputs and Parameters             Presenter: Rene Villalobos           Link: Model-Inputs_Parameters

Title: Results of Case study                         Presenter: Rene Villalobos           Link: Case-Study_-Results


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