About us

For over 15 years, the International Logistics and Productivity Improvement Laboratory previously known as Electronics Assembly Laboratory at Arizona State University, has created opportunities for our partners to have access to state-of-the-art tools and methodologies. ILPIL attacks its problems by means of the best-prepared people who perform industry-oriented research within three main areas.

First, we focus on Supply Chain & Logistics. The industry-sponsored projects comprised in this area deal with logistics and operations topics that range from the design of logistics platforms and efficient shipping port infrastructure to the development of food defense strategies in the international fresh produce trade.

The second focus is on Quality & Productivity. The collection of industry-sponsored projects under this research area deals mainly with quality and productivity improvement of production systems. The range of projects includes the development of inspection routines for surface-mounted devices(SMD), the development of efficient aircraft boarding strategies, and the creation of efficiency measures for inbound logistics.

Thirdly, the focus is on Marketing & Strategic Planning. Studies in this area deal with the development of marketing and strategic plans under different scenarios including the development of restructured supply chain strategies for the fresh produce industry, the application of option pricing for capacity planning, and the use of optimization techniques to estimate the economic impact of the immigrant agricultural labor force on U.S. local communities.

Our current point of effort is a combination of these 3 focuses into the TERRa-fresh platform. TERRa-Fresh, Technology Enabled Rapid Response FRESH supply chain, will connect small growers with each other and these coordinated groups will be better able to take advantage of predicted opportunities in the market than the growers would be able to on their own. TERRa-fresh also has tools such as the Single Farmer Allocation Model and the Market Reports that use advanced data analytics to predict crop yields and profit giving much-needed information to the growers. Small growers will use these tools to help them plan strategically to take advantage of the market and improve their productivity and profits.

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