January 22 and 23, 2024: Terra-Fresh Symposium

When: January 22-23, 2024 

Who: People interested on fresh food supply chains 


Remote: Zoom (Register using this link

In-Person: ASU SkySong Building 1, Room 201 Global 

1475 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 200 Scottsdale, AZ 85257 

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Event Agenda Link

Day 1 Morning session:

Date/Time of EventEventLink to Recording of the presentation
01/22/2024, 9:00 AMOverview of problem and, and general characteristics of the projectclick here
01/22/2024, 9:10 AMFFAR programs overviewclick here
01/22/2024, 9:30 AMMarket Intelligence Overviewclick here
01/22/2024, 9:50 AMOverview of Terra-Fresh.comclick here
01/22/2024, 10:00 AMAgronomical Potential Overviewclick here
01/22/2024, 10:10 AMTactical Planning modelsclick here
01/22/2024, 10:30 AMSupply Chain Articulatorclick here
01/22/2024, 10:40 AMCoalition Formation, contract negotiations, opportunity allocation, risk sharing, Case studyclick here
01/22/2024, 11:05 AMCold logistics solutions for small growersclick here
01/22/2024, 11:20 AMConclusions, Lessons Learned and Future Researchclick here
01/22/2024, 11:30 AMOverview of Research Roadmapclick here

Day 1 Afternoon session:

Date/Time of EventEventLink to Recording of the presentation
01/22/2024, 1:00 PMCase study overviewclick here
01/22/2024, 1:15 PMOverview of Market Intelligenceclick here
01/22/2024, 1:30 PMData Collection and Curationclick here
01/22/2024, 1:50 PMMonitoring for Opportunity Discoveryclick here
01/22/2024, 2:10 PMDevelopment of Price Predictions for Planning Models click here
01/22/2024, 2:30 PMDevelopment of Models to PWDclick here
01/22/2024, 3:10 PMCoffee Break
01/22/2024, 3:30 PM Agronomic Potentialclick here
01/22/2024, 4:00 PMVisualization in Terra-Freshclick here
01/22/2024, 4:30 PMQ&A and Networking Sessionclick here

Day 2 Morning session:

Date/Time of EventEventLink to Recording of the presentation
01/23/2024, 9:00 AMCase study overviewclick here
01/23/2024, 9:15 AMOverview an examples of strategic, tactical, and operational plansclick here
01/23/2024, 9:30 AMDeterministic tactical planclick here
01/23/2024, 10:00 AMStochastic modelsclick here
01/23/2024, 10:30 AMOverall strategy for coordinationclick here
01/23/2024, 11:00 AMContract designclick here
01/23/2024, 11:15 AMOperational Routing with Mini-Containersclick here
01/23/2024, 11:35 AMConclusions and further researchclick here


Terra-Fresh (short for Technology Enabled Fresh Supply Chains) is an integrated planning and coordination environment that seeks to exploit the new technological realties of the supply chain of fresh agricultural products for the benefit of the growers, consumers, and the environment (www.terra-fresh.com). 

The objective of Terra-Fresh is to make direct connections between the growers, particularly small growers, and the most attractive markets. Terra-Fresh does this through a series of interacting tools that include opportunity discovery, contract negotiation, opportunity allocation based on agronomic potential and risk profile, and logistics analysis. 

Terra-Fresh aims to achieve benefits across at least three main dimensions: 1) increased profitability of growers; 2) greater availability of affordable, nutritious food for consumers, and 3) reduction of food waste throughout the supply chain. 

In this final symposium we will present research results on 

(1) Using data mining and artificial intelligence tools for market opportunity discovery 

(2) Planning and coordination tools for coalition of growers 

(3) Developing efficient logistics for small harvests 

(4) Research roadmap efficient system wide logistics solutions