Autonomous Car Race

Fall 2018 Autonomous Car Race:

When: Friday, November 9, 2018 @ 6:30 pm.

Where: SDFC Intramural Fields (West Field), ASU

Past Winners:

Spring 2016: Quade Jeremy, Zawahiri Tamim

Fall 2016: Hancock Austin, Seidel Stephen

Spring 2017: Howell Seth, Rosenlof Bradley

Fall 2017: Graves Everett, Koltes Matthew, Simpson Richard

Fall 2018: ???

Rules of the race:

1.The distance between the starting points and the destination is 100 m with obstacles.
2. The race is started by the TA’s command and you will start by pressing a button.
You shouldn’t start earlier.
3. You cannot touch the car after the race starts.
Whoever touches the car after the race starts, is out.
4. The car should not hit anything (tree, bushes, etc.).
If your car hits anything, you are out.
5. If your car hits another car, you can continue the race, but without touching the car.
6. You and your car should be ready at the scheduled time.
If you are not present or your car is not ready at the scheduled time, you are out.
7.You should calibrate your IMU, save the destination point and charge the car’s battery before your turn.

No time is given for calibration, destination setting, charging, etc.

8. You can manually set the destination coordinate in the code.

9. Whoever finishes the race in the first round, will go to the final round. We may have two final races. Whoever finishes earlier is the winner

10. You cannot follow your car during the race.

Whoever follows his/her car is out.


Alaris Inc.


Student video from last year