Software Release

Error Resilience
nZDC: LLVM based compiler for near zero silent data corruption.
llvm-r: Resilience-aware LLVM based compiler with instruction-based duplication for error protection.
Expert: Error detection support with redundant multi-threading.
GemV: Micro-architecture vulnerability estimation tool (based on gem5 simulator).
For a brief summary of error resilience tools, please visit this page.

Machine Learning Accelerators
dMazeRunner: Dataflow optimization infrastructure for coarse-grain programmable accelerators.
DiRAC: Architecture template and cycle-level microarchitecture simulator for dataflow accelerators.

Accelerated Computing
CCF: CGRA compilation and simulation framework.
UoI: Scaling of union of intersections for inference of granger causal networks.

Software Managed Manycores
SMM toolchain. Toolchain for application execution on SMM architectures.

Cyber-Physical & IoT Systems
TMA: Timestamp based monitoring tool for CPS applications.
Jobbed: RTOS for the Raspberry Pi 2B