Writing a Review

Write your review in 3 sections:
1. Summary of the paper in your words.
2. The plus points of the paper.
3. Concerns about the paper.
4. Evaluate the paper (on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best).

Writing the plus points of a well-written paper is usually easy since that is the author’s primary job. If you are finding this hard, then the paper is clearly bad!

Spend your time in finding all the holes in the paper. There can be several shortcomings in the paper. Categorize them in major and minor concerns:
Examples of major concerns:
1. Are assumptions wrong/unrealistic?
2. Fair comparison against the latest related work?
3. Not discussed all the relevant related work?
4. State the contributions of the paper clearly?
5. Experiments must prove their contribution, not something else
6. Is the problem important, or made up?

Examples of minor concerns:
1. Spelling mistakes
2. Grammar
3. Writing style