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The Jini Virtual Manufacturing Laboratory created using Jini™ technologies forms part of MANET, also known as Manufacturing Network. JVML’s conceptual structure allows users to distribute and expand its software and hardware. A virtual laboratory can be described as the integration of laboratories and physical research centers via the Internet. This project describes its implementation using Java™ language and it shows its functionality with the integration to the Virtual Laboratory in two stations of Visual Automatic Inspection located physically in Arizona.

The Virtual lab: A virtual manufacturing lab (VML) is required to interconnect several physical manufacturing labs through the internet, in order to facilitate cooperation between its students and researchers, optimizing resources and reducing costs. To achieve this, the Sun Microsystems Jini™ technology was proposed. Jini™ is a Java™ language based middleware technology which can be defined as the contract between communities used to connect services and customers within. Jini™ uses six fundamental concepts to achieve the interconnection proactively: Discovery, Lookup, Join, Leasing, Remote events and Transactions. These can be reviewed more thoroughly in the attached reports.

In the project, a description of the Jini™ Virtual Lab software structure design is given, specifically regarding the interfaces and classes used, as well as the user interface design. Also, a functionality test is made by integrating two inspection machines into the VML and showing the results of the test.

This project is intended to develop and test software tools that allow connectivity between Research Centers and Universities in different localizations, in a way that they can share devices and research resources, in order to achieve a better inter exchange of knowledge and technologies, and to make available certain resources from a partner to a certain other that cannot afford or access it easily.