Project Overview:

1. Document Call Center Procedures

2. Data Collection

  • Call Traffic
  • Process Times

3. Identify areas of opportunity

  • Simulation Analysis
  • Work Balancing
  • Procedure Standardization
  • More Intelligent Use of Technology
  • Research functionality of the system
  • Phase 2 is to revise to group the callers with more detail, for example, everyone from a delated flight

4. Make Recommendations

Recommendations/Possible Improvements:

  1. Work Standardization-regardless of what agent services a
    call the tasks involved in servicing the call are the same and that time to complete these tasks is as short as possible.
  2. Balancing Procedures-to smooth the workload of the center throughout the day so that no peaks in the workload exist at any time
  3. Based on Simulation-Analyze the current system, identify areas of opportunity, evaluate these possibilities