About Us

Our Research

At Wu Lab, our mission is to drive innovation in two major research thrusts:

(1) Medical Imaging: We specialize in automated image segmentation, imaging biomarker quantification, identification, and predictive modeling to achieve definitive diagnoses, tailored treatments, and accurate response assessments.

(2) Multimodal Sensing: Our expertise extends to data processing and predictive modeling for definitive diagnoses and prognoses in both the fields of medicine and energy, particularly in building systems.

We at the Wu Lab are a dynamic team of researchers who enjoy working on a variety of projects. Our commitment to advancing knowledge and improving lives drives our work. We gather every Friday to discuss our progress and what we plan to do on our projects moving forward.

Our Approach

In Wu Lab, we employ cutting edge techniques and technologies to explore the complexities of our research areas. Our work delves into intricate cognitive processes, such as reasoning, judgment, and belief revision, as applied to medicine in medical imaging and multimodal sensing.

Our researchers actively engage in real-world applications, seeking to understand and address complex challenges. By leveraging computational cognitive science and data science, we are poised to make a meaningful impact in these fields.