We conduct high impact research in physiological sensing, dynamical systems, controls, and robotics. Over the past decade, we have developed multiple technologies that are militarized or found their way in commercial/consumer markets. Some of the highlights are.

  1. Suction-Cup Spiderman Robot: This robot would allow the wearer to climb vertical surfaces (metal, glass, wood, rock, stucco, to mention a few.) It was featured in the “Best -Buy” commercial.
  2. Wearable Air Conditioner: This system was developed for the USAF that uses a miniature Vapor Compression System to control the body temperature in a hot environment. It was successfully tested at Natick Soldier Center, MA.
  3. Passive Walk Assist Robot: This robot captures the negative work and “pumps” it back into the gait cycle
  4. Pogo Suit: An oscillating backpack suit that helps the wearer while walking.
  5. J- Bot: A UGV that can transition from a tracked vehicle to a quadruped walker.
  6. Autonomous Parasail: A completely autonomous parasail USV.
  7. Tracking System: An Ultra Wide Band (UWB) tracking system that can work in GPS denied environment or indoors.
  8. Inertial Motion Capture System: An IMU-based system that does not drift in presence of magnetic field anomalies.