Multi-scale Manufacturing Material Processing Lab (MMMPL)

Welcome to the home page of the MMMPL!ASU

We are a team of engineers and scientists in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at ASU, with a focus on developing novel manufacturing and material processing techniques across multiple scales. We are interested in integrating disciplines of physics, chemistry, materials science, nanotechnology, and computational simulation to the new process development. The process-structure-property relationship is established through the following process monitoring/modeling, material characterization and property evaluation. Current processes under exploration include laser shock processing, electromagnetic field assisted manufacturing, and additive manufacturing such as selective laser melting, fused deposition modeling,  stereolithography and inkjet printing. We are open to new ideas, challenges and collaborations. Learn more about our research…

Recent Group News

  • Jun 2020: Bryan Cocanour, Yan Dou, Matilda Koa, and Christopher Amarquaye successfully present their FURI and MORE symposiums.
  • Jun 2020: Rui Dai’s paper on metallic foam modeling is published on Scripta Materialia, congrats!
  • May 2020: Dini Wang’s paper on holey graphene manufacturing is published on Carbon, congrats!
  • May 2020: Congrats to Yan Dou, Kaustubh Joshi, and Prathamesh Mhatre for 2020 Summer & Fall MORE funding.
  • Mar 2020: Congrats to Matilda Koa for receiving KEEN Student Research Grants (KSRG).
  • Feb 2020: Our STTR proposal with Paxauris is selected for funding from Defense Health Agency (DHA).
  • Dec 2019: Congrats to Matilda Koa for receiving ASTM International Project Grant.
  • Dec 2019: Congrats to Bryan Cocanour for 2020 Spring FURI funding, Yan Dou for 2020 Spring MORE funding, and Christopher Amarquaye for 2020 Spring MORE funding.
  • Aug 2019: Welcome new graduate students Kun Bi, Haofan Sun, Kaustubh Joshi, Yan Dou and Prathamesh Mhatre join our group.
  • Apr 2019: Congrats to Matilda Koa for 2019 Summer FURI funding.
  • Jul 2018: Our collaborative proposals on Confined Laser Shock Detonation and Photon-Enabled Atomic Drilling are selected for funding from NSF.


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