The ISNDE Lab makes the world a safer place to live

Intelligent Structures and Nondestructive Evaluation (ISNDE)

Our research efforts at Intelligent Structures and Nondestructive Evaluation (ISNDE) blend theoretical, experimental, and practical approaches, focusing on fundamental research while addressing real-world challenges. We strive to contribute to the fields of material evaluation, structural inspection, and advanced manufacturing quality control through our interdisciplinary research endeavors.

Our research areas at ISNDE encompass three main thrusts:

  1. Bio-inspired acoustic sensing and monitoring: We delve into the fascinating world of bioacoustics including animal hearing and apply our findings to nondestructive testing. By understanding the fundamental characteristics that contribute to exceptional hearing in biological systems engaged in foraging activities, we develop advanced techniques for material evaluation and structural inspection.
  2. Robotic inspection: Our team integrates acoustic sensing modalities into robotic platforms, creating sophisticated multitasking systems for inspecting various infrastructures. This includes pipelines, power plants, electrical grids, and underwater structures. By leveraging the knowledge gained from bio-inspired research, we enhance the capabilities of these robots in detecting and evaluating potential issues.
  3. Advanced manufacturing quality control: We extend our expertise in acoustic sensing and ultrasonic testing to real-time quality control in advanced manufacturing, including additive manufacturing processes. By leveraging our understanding of acoustic properties, we pioneer innovative methods to ensure high-quality production outcomes.