Damage in Materials and Structures Lab

Welcome to the official website of the Damage in Materials and Structures (DAMS) lab at Arizona State University. At DAMS, we are dedicated to advancing the field of damage analysis and prevention in civil and transportation infrastructure.

We specialize in investigating the fundamental aspects of damage detection, diagnosis, prevention, characterization, and modeling. We employ a combination of cutting-edge experimental studies, computational methods, and Artificial Intelligence, to find innovative solutions to mitigating damage in construction materials and structures.

Our lab’s mission is to conduct transformative research aimed at enhancing the safety, durability, resilience, and sustainability of civil infrastructure in the 21st century. We believe in making a lasting impact by improving the way we build and maintain our civil infrastructure.

Join us on our journey as we push the boundaries of knowledge and pave the way for a more secure and sustainable future.

Most recent accomplishments

Novel biobased coatings to mitigate corrosion in rebars

We developed new biobased coating materials with enhanced abrasive resistance and bond with concrete that can effectively mitigate chloride induced corrosion in rebars.

Link between fracture surface and fracture strains in metals

We experimentally quantified the microvoid sizes responsible for metal fractures from the surfaces of broken specimens. The relationship between the void sizes and state of stress and strain was used to predict the fracture initiation strain.

Safe and efficient sharing of metal microstructure data is now possible

In our research, we introduced a complex-step convolutional autoencoder designed for the compact representation of metal microstructural images, achieving a high compression ratio without losing critical information.