Welcome to the BIRTH Lab

Our mission at BIRTH lab is to give “birth” to new technologies inspired by nature.

Specifically, we study animal bio-mechanics, physics of inter-facial forces, and robotics to develop bio-inspired smart structures for effective interactions with complex environments. There is a wide range of applications for our research at BIRTH lab including efficient all-terrain vehicles, space exploratory systems, and bio-medical instrumentation.


Latest News

May 2024: Morteza joined our lab as a PhD student. Welcome, Morteza! 

May 2024: Our lab received ABRC NIA award! 

September 2023: Tao joined our lab as a Postdoc. Welcome, Tao! 

June 2023: Our lab received a seed grant from Mayo-ASU Alliance for Health Care! 

April 2023: Olga defended her doctoral thesis. Congrats, Dr. Skowronek!