report by Lil Squid from the Noun Project. See:

This is the title of an actual published research paper which was completely fictitious and which borrowed the plot line of the worst Star Trek episode in history. (The episode was called “Threshhold” and was a part of the Voyager series.)

Among the funnier parts of the paper are the thank you reference to the United Federation of Planets (UFP) near the end of the article and the claim that:

…extreme celerity, an environmental factor rarely considered, can produce strikingly rapid developmental changes in morphology even in mammalian systems.

Austin Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics

In lay-person’s terms, what this means is that if a human being accelerates to near Warp 10 speeds, you devolve into a lizard-like creature.

The article was supposedly written by several fictitious members of the USS Voyager including the holographic doctor (L. Zimmerman) and the ship’s captain (K. Janeway).

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