How to get a public website at ASU

Firstly, follow the link of a short tutorial, which shows steps to get a website using your ASURITE user name/ASUID.
Create a website at ASU

Once, you have activated your site and reach to the MyFiles as described into the tutorial, follow the steps below –
1. You will see Folders Section in MyFiles. Locate www folder and click on it.
2. Now you have reached the place where you can manage file and folders, related to your public webpage.
3. Access your public site using where ASURITE is your ASURITE user name.
4. You will see that you can manage homepage of your public webpage using index.html, inside www folder. Publicwebsetup.html is for future reference. You can always access it through By default, index.html and publicwebsetup.html will be the same.
5. Modify index.html and add/remove files to the filespace into www folder. Have a decent public webpage. Good Luck!