Lab Group Alumni

Ashley Heida

PhD Student, ASU, Biological Design

MS, Biomedical Engineering, Arizona State UniversityBS, Physics, University of North DakotaAA, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Anoka Ramsey Community College

Hannah Collins

Undergraduate/Master's Student, 4+1 Program, ASU, Environmental Engineering

I am interested in researching environmental microbiology, particularly fecal indicator bacteria (FIB) contamination in water sources, as well as bioremediation. Hometown: Gilbert, AZ, USA

James Brown

Undergraduate Intern, ASU, Environmental Engineering

Licensed Realtor

Kathryn Call

Undergraduate Intern, ASU

Environmental Engineer, Brown and Caldwell 

Lucia Ramirez

Undergraduate Intern, ASU, Computational Mathematical Sciences

Lucien Dieter

Undergraduate/Master's Student, 4+1 Program, ASU Polytechnic, Environmental and Resource Management

Environmental and Resource Management

Sayalee Joshi

Sayalee Joshi

PhD Student, ASU, Civil, Environmental & Sustainable Engineering

MS, Chemical Engineering, Arizona State UniversityEngineering Degree, Chemical Engineering, All India Shivaji Memorial Societys College of Engineering

Master's Students

Molly Cahill

Graduate Student, Biodesign Center for Environmental Health Engineering

Undergraduate Intern from 2022-2023 Master’s 4+1 Program, ASU, Environmental Engineering from 2023-2024

PhD Students

Emma Bonham

Graduate Student, School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment

Emma’s research interests include sustainable agriculture and nutrient management, water quality mapping, geospatial and statistical analysis, environmental hazard risk characterization and mapping, machine learning, and water quality prediction modeling. Emma’s undergraduate thesis, Assessing urban agricultural practices […]

Joanna Ciol Harrison

Graduate Student, Biodesign Center for Environmental Health Engineering

I am interested in infectious and zoonotic disease research, especially research on pathogenic organisms transmitted via environmental routes. I am pursuing a PhD with Dr. Hamilton to further my knowledge of environmental microbiology and Quantitative […]

Nusrat Khan

Graduate Student, School of Sustainability Engineering and Built Environment

I really like simulating how things work in nature using computers. I focus on understanding how nutrients/ pathogens or contaminants of concern move, and model water quality in watersheds. I’m also into hydrology, studying how […]

Postdoctoral Fellows

Hunter Quon

Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Biodesign Center for Environmental Health Engineering

My research focuses on process-based modeling and quantitative approaches for improving water quality and understanding of implementing and using non-traditional water sources. Through such approaches I aim to improve public health around sustainable water use […]

Undergraduate Students

Aditya Kuppravalli

Undergraduate Researcher, Biomedical Engineering

I’m currently interested in a career in biomedical engineering or possibly research. Previously a High School Student Intern via BASIS Scottsdale Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Shriya Danekar

Undergraduate Researcher, Environmental Engineering

The current projects I am working on involve health risks from hazardous metals from abandoned mines and microbes in food crops. I am also interested in studying ecological and environmental risks in the future. Hometown: […]