Presented at AIAA ASCEND

A new research paper co-authored by Leigha Capra, Jay Hilton, Sarah Bentley, Theodore Sherman, Aaron Alfaro, Ryan Savin, Olivier de Weck and Paul Grogan appears in the AIAA ASCEND 2021 conference proceedings. The paper will be presented on November 10, 2021.

SpaceNet Cloud: Web-based Modeling and Simulation Analysis for Space Exploration Logistics

The advancing digital engineering landscape generates a need for modern human space exploration logistics planning tools. The goal of the SpaceNet Cloud project is to build a tool to satisfy this need through a dynamic web-based application based on the existing SpaceNet space logistics tool. SpaceNet Cloud condenses the process of organizing, constructing, and analyzing a mission scenario into a user-friendly web-based application. A simplistic interface, coupled with powerful backend capabilities allows SpaceNet Cloud to harness the accessibility of cloud-based computing, creating a modern take on mission logistics. The effectiveness of a user’s mission is clearly defined using an incremental mission outline process, and a clear visualization of demand analysis upon completion. The dynamic nature of the application also allows for rapid prototyping of missions based on final analysis results, and the potential for collaborative design opens opportunities for public and private sectors alike.