Joining lab

Interested in joining

If you wish to get in touch with please email ([email protected])

Joining the lab

If you are a student or postdoc interested in joining the Lab send your CV, transcripts, funding situation, and research interests to (


Most of our group communicates in Slack. Ask anyone in the lab to invite you to the team.


We’ve developed some standard ways to store code, data, and information:

  • Documentation of code – Learn Markdown and write good README files in your GitHub project repo.
  • Original data – breast:/data/… (this is not something you usually create) … it will soon be mirrored in a synchronised way to a mounted drive on the cluster.
  • Processed data you generate but is not the original data – your home directory on any Mayo/ASU machine. This is also mirrored on a mounted drive on the cluster. If it’s on your laptop, then use Box or OneDrive to back it up if you have to. Make sure your machine is encrypted. The key point here is that no-one but you should have access to this processed data – partially because it may contain PHI, but also because it must be fully reproducible by your code applied to the fixed original data. When you share copies of the data that have been transformed, filtered, or altered in some way, the research ceases to be replicable and scientific repeatability is lost. Your research becomes useless and the next person will have to do it all from scratch. This happens often and is a constant source of frustration to everyone.
  • Manuscripts, thesis, etc. – use Overleaf and share with team mate. You can use Git to work offline, but merging and resolving conflicts is then your job.
  • References and papers – use bibtex and insert PDFs of papers and comments on papers and share with the project team.