Advisor Assist

I regularly assist my PhD advisor in writing grant proposals and reviewing papers for conferences and, also help her out with her duties as the chief editor of the IEEE Micro magazine.

I assisted my PhD advisor in her ISCA’21 Program Committee Chair responsibilites, especially organizing and managing the paper selection process and the PC meeting.


  • Secondary reviewer in FPGA’21 and FPGA’22
  • Organized ‘OpenFPGA: Create your own FPGA with open-source tools’ workshop at FCCM’22
  • Organized ‘Deep Learning-Optimized FPGA Architectures’ tutorial at MICRO’22
  • Organized ‘Make your own Open FPGA’ workshop at FPT’22

Chips Alliance

  • Member of Chips Alliance
  • Starting to participate in the F4PGA group

OSFPGA Foundation

  • Member of the Open Source FPGA Foundation
  • Leader of the AI+FPGA Committee (AFC) of the OSFPGA

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